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Legal matters involving family members and valuable assets are often complex. So, it's smart to retain an experienced attorney to represent your best interests. The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil offers reliable guidance backed by over two decades of legal experience.

We focus on the following practice areas: fiduciary appointments, civil commitments and probate.

Fiduciary appointments, including guardianships and conservatorships

Fiduciary appointments, including guardianships and conservatorships

Dementia, mental illness or a developmental disability can prevent a loved one from making their own decisions. If you want the authority to make certain decisions for them, we can help you petition for guardianship or conservatorship.

Legal terms you should know:

  • Guardian: The person or agency appointed to make customary medical and health care decisions for an incapacitated person. A guardian must complete 60-day and annual Guardian Care Plan reports, as well as an annual Rogers Monitor's Report for an incapacitated person on antipsychotic medication.
  • Conservator: The person or agency appointed to make financial decisions for and manage the estate of a protected person. A conservator must file Inventory, Conservator's /Plan, Annual Account and Final Account reports with the court.
  • License to sell: A probate court order that's required to transfer the real property title of a protected person. It might also be required for certain estates.

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Civil commitments

Sometimes it's not safe for your loved one to live at home. In case of a psychiatric emergency, we can petition for a treatment order to get your loved one the help they need.

Probate and estates

When a loved one dies, the probate court oversees the distribution of the person's assets to beneficiaries. We can appoint a representative and obtain a license to sell real property, if needed.

Legal terms you should know:

Voluntary administration: A simplified probate process for estates with no real estate and personal property (excluding cars) valued at less than $25,000.

Informal probate: A streamlined probate process involving a magistrate and no court hearings. All heirs must sign for the assets they receive.

Formal probate: A court-supervised process that typically involves court hearings and may involve objections from heirs.

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