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The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil provides compassionate representation

When a person can't make their own financial or medical decisions, someone with legal authority must step in to protect their best interests. The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil represents hospitals, nursing homes, families and individuals to fight for the rights of the elderly and mentally disabled.

The following case studies feature senior citizens involved in heartbreaking situations. But with our help, they received the care they needed.

Case study #1: Fred S.

Case study #1: Fred S.

Fred was admitted to the hospital when it was no longer safe for him to live at home. To be safely discharged, he needed a place to live and continuing medical care.

With no immediate relatives and a husband prohibited from entering the U.S., Fred required a guardian and conservator. Unfortunately, he never executed a health care proxy or durable power of attorney.

The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil stepped in, successfully petitioning for guardianship and conservatorship. What's more, we were able to...

  • Make a claim on Fred's long-term care policy, which paid $11,500 per month
  • Obtain a license to sell Fred's home, which was worth $750,000 without a mortgage
  • Place Fred in hospice care with 24-hour staffing, paid for with assets valued at $450,000
As a result, Fred was never alone in his final days.

Case study #2: Timothy P.

In terms of estate planning, Timothy had done everything right. He had...

  • A health care proxy and durable power of attorney
  • A current long-term care policy valued at $88,000
  • Stocks, bonds and savings worth $90,000
  • A home in Maine worth $75,000
When Timothy's health declined, his family sent him to a skilled nursing facility. Unfortunately, that's where the problems started.

The facility mistakenly filed a Mass Health application and failed to properly submit a long-term health insurance claim, thus under-charging the family for Timothy's care. When the facility was owed over $100,000, they attempted to take away financial authority from the family.

Timothy's family retained The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil to oppose the petition. We were successful, thus keeping the family's authority intact.

Case study #3: Mary O.

After living independently her entire life, Mary was admitted to a skilled nursing facility when her health started to decline. Unfortunately, she was prone to sundowning - in a fit of anger, she revoked her health care proxy and durable power of attorney, stripping her brother of decision-making authority. In response, her brother filed a petition for guardianship and conservatorship.

The court initially appointed an attorney for Mary, but that attorney reached out to Mr. Garmil after realizing that Mary was in over her head. Attorney Garmil knew that the other side would be able to prove their case. However, he was determined to find the right solution.

We convinced Mary to unrevoke the documents. This allowed her to...

  • Remain in control of who makes her decisions
  • Live out her final days independently
  • Regain her dignity
No matter your loved one's situation, The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil will work toward a positive outcome. Call 978-372-4300 now to speak with a compassionate attorney.