Protect the Financial Interests of Your Loved One

Establish a conservatorship in Haverhill, MA

When you have a loved one who can't make financial decisions for themselves, get the legal right to assist them. The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil will help you get conservatorship in Haverhill, MA. We've helped hundreds of families go through the process for the authority they need.

Probate courts will limit your authority to what's necessary. The legal process for establishing a conservatorship includes:

Presenting medical documents of incompetency
Completing and filing a petition
Attending a hearing to see if a conservatorship is appropriate

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Get help with probate law and the court system

Get help with probate law and the court system

Attorney Garmil knows what you can and can't do when it comes to the powers of conservatorship. There are various pitfalls within the system. Our attorney will walk you through the process.

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