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When your loved one requires professional care and can't make decisions for themselves, reach out to an experienced attorney. The Law Office of Richard G. Garmil will help you file for guardianship in the Haverhill, MA area.

Guardianship enables you to make medical decisions for your loved one. You'll have the authority to place the individual in a nursing home, if necessary. You will become legally responsible for that person's life.

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Get help with the guardianship process

Get help with the guardianship process

Attorney Garmil will guide you through the process of filing for guardianship. We will:

  • Fill out necessary forms
  • Get medical documents
  • Go to court for the proposed guardian

It can be frustrating to tackle this process alone. In probate court, you need to file a petition for guardianship that shows the individual can't make their own decisions.

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